Check out some of our frequently asked questions. If there’s something we didn’t answer or clarify, please feel free to call us!

  • +    Are we really locked in a room?

    NO, for fire safety reasons you are never, ever truly locked in a room. We tell you to pretend that the door we brought you in through is locked. Your game is fully monitored by our game masters on closed circuit video with audio to communicate with guests at any time. You may leave at any time if you feel you need to, however you will not be permitted to re-join the game so as to not disturb the other players

  • +    Are the lights turned off?

    No! Never, nor is it scary. We pride ourselves in producing family fun games for all to experience.

  • +   What The Heck is an Escape Room?

    Escape games are the new entertainment and team building rage that is sweeping the nation.

    In an escape game, you are transported into a Hollywood quality themed set to give you that fully immersed feeling that you would get in the actual theme that the game is depicting. Although you are never truly "Locked" in any room (for fire safety) you are told to "pretend" that you are. Once the experience begins, you and your fellow teammates have 60 minutes to use your collective brain power and team work to scavenge, solve riddles and puzzles, using the clues you find and ultimately escape the room before the timer runs out. Not everyone is promised to escape, but all are promised an Unreal adventure that will have you telling your friends, and coming back for more.

  • +   Who Should Play?

    In short "EVERYONE" If you enjoy problem solving, feeling smart, collaboration and working under pressure, then our escape games will be your new favorite activity.

  • +   When Can I play?

    We are open from 9AM - 11 PM 7 days a week. You must pre - book on our website. We accept all major credit cards as well as gold bullion. (Games fill up fast book early) You can book out 1 room or our entire facility for a function. We even have a conference room and party room for corporate events, charities, and private parties. (Book events early to guarantee availability.)

  • +   Where is Unreal Escapes?

    We are located at 2571 Arthur Kill Road, on the South Shore of Staten Island. (1 block from Bloomingdale Road) We have our own private parking lot, as well as street parking. We are easily accessible by bus as well as car. We are moments from the Arthur Kill Road or Bloomingdale Road off ramps off of Rt. 440. We are the ones with the cool Skeleton Key front door with the ominous red light piercing out the key hole. Oh yea, did I mention we have the coolest old cemetery right next door?

  • +    Do I need to bring my own group, or will I

          be with others?

    We invite you to bring family, friends, teammates, coworkers, or if not we would be happy to pair you up with like minded adventure seekers for you to team up with.

  • +    Do I need a reservation?

    Although reservations are necessary, as staffing permits, we will do our best to accommodate you if you decide last minute to want to play a game. Booking online is very easy. Go to www.unrealescapes.com and click any of the 'Book Now' buttons.

  • +    We are celebrating a special occasion. Do

          you offer anything to help us mark our


    Sure, we have many ways to make your special day magnificent.

    Some of your options are: You may book the entire room for yourself and your group or significant other.

    Looking to pop the question, we can get awful creative in helping you make that proposal extra special. I mean we design experiences for a living; we can definitely help you get creative.

  • +    How far in advance should I book?

    We recommend booking as far in advance as possible to ensure your desired date and time are available. To add a reservation outside of our normal business hours please book on our website www.unrealescapes.com

  • +    Can I take pictures inside the room?

    Absolutely NO VIDEO OR PHOTOGRAPHS are permitted in any of our adventures. Much time and effort is put into the design and construction of our adventures, we want to keep the experience an exciting surprise for all that follow you. Important: If our game masters who are observing your game notice anyone breaking these, or any of our rules, we will unfortunately have to ask you to leave without any refunds given.

  • +    Do you have parking?

    Sure, we have a parking lot with reserved spots as well as street parking. During weekdays between 9-5 please do not use spots that are reserved for other businesses.  Carpooling is a fun idea so you can plan out your strategies on the trip over. However don’t let any of your car-pool-ees cause your team to be late.

  • +    Are children allowed to participate?

    Kids actually love our adventures, and we love them. However we do have some restrictions outlined below.


    ⦁ We love the young ones, but unfortunately Children under 8 may not attend. (The only exception to this would be for a private party where a paid for employee was in the room with the young ones. (Speak to our staff for more info.)


    ⦁ Ages 8 - 13 must have one participating paying adult per 4 children.


    ⦁ Ages 14 to 17 can participate alone with a waiver signed by a parent or

    guardian (just print, have signed, and have each minor bring it with them). No minor will be admitted without a signed waiver.


    Please note: The parent or guardian signing the wavier assumes liability for any damages done to our facility by their child. The waiver can be found here.

  • +    How many people can play?

    The maximum number of players depends on the room. Most rooms hold 8-10.  Our Disco 54 room can hold as many as 14 players, and it is AWESOME. If you have a group larger than that, you could split the group up and tackle a couple different escape rooms. The minimum per room is two, so bring your friends!

  • +    Can I book with my friends?

    Yes! However, we recommend that one person books for the whole group. That way your spots don’t get snatched up by other participants. If you do decided to book separately that’s okay too, but note that you may be placed with other groups if the room is not full.

  • +    Can I get totally wasted and play your

          escape room?

    Absolutely not! Come on, how could you even ask that, lol? We spent a lot of time and money to create a second to none experience for you and your fellow players. We cannot have a bunch of drunk or high people breaking our stuff,or ruining the experience for other players. Please note: Safety and enjoyment are the two most important things to us here at Unreal Escapes. We take every precaution to ensure that our customers and staff are safe, and have a wonderful experience. Therefore we reserve the right to deny entry, or to ask any player, or groups that we feel are under the influence of drugs or alcohol to leave. Please refrain from consuming any of the above substances until after you depart our facility. If you are denied entrance, or are asked to leave, unfortunately we will not be able to offer you a refund, or offer any rescheduling of your game.

  • +    How long does each event last?

    Your visit with us will last approximately 1.5 hrs. Please plan to arrive 20 minutes before your start time.  Upon arrival you will be welcomed by our friendly reception staff and invited to engage in some of the REALLY COOL and UNIQUE surprises our waiting room has to offer

  • +    If I only have 2 or 3 people in my group,

          will we be placed with strangers to fill the

          time slot?

    If you reserve less than the full amount of spaces for the room, there is a very high chance you will be placed with other people in a session. But honestly, it is such a festive atmosphere, the more the merrier!  To guarantee a room exclusively to yourselves, you need to buy all of the spots for your time slot, even if you do not have a player for each slot.

  • +    What if we arrive late?

    DON’T! All of our adventures are timed, and adhere to a strict schedule. Therefore punctuality is required to assure admittance into your game.


    Please arrive 20 minutes before your scheduled reservation time to ensure ample time for signing waivers, and getting settled in.   Make sure to leave ample time to allow for traffic and parking.


    ⦁ For Private Bookings: If your group has privately booked the entire the room and everyone arrives late you will be permitted to play, however your time on the clock will be decreased. If the rest of your group arrives on time, they will be allowed to start without you, and you may join them when you arrive.

    …….IMPORTANT ……..


    ⦁ For Public Bookings: Out of respect for the players that arrived on time, we unfortunately will not be able to permit those arriving late to interrupt the games of players that are not part of their group once the game begins.


    ⦁ No rescheduling or refunds or can be issued, so please don’t be late.

  • +    Can I come back and try again?

    Yes, if you are the conquering type and would like to replay the same room, you may book the same experience again, however we have multiple room themes available to entertain you, so why not give them a try? To sign up for email alerts about when new adventures will be opening, please subscribe with your email address at the bottom of the page.

  • +    What should I expect when I arrive at

          your facility?

    I won’t spoil the secret, but let’s just say the fun and games begin as soon as you enter our lobby, you won’t experience these things in any other escape rooms.


    • You will then receive a quick briefing about your mission, and then your adventure begins!


    • You will be placed in one of our themed rooms and will have 60 minutes to solve the

    challenges and escape the room.


    • Afterwards you will have time for some cool photos with our themed props.


    • Ask us about some of other things to do when you stay is complete with us. We can help you plan out some great restaurants or nightlife.

  • +    Are you accessible via Public


    Absolutely, the following buses come within a block or 2 of our facility.

    Click any of the routes below to get to the bus time info

    • S74 St. George - Bricktown Mall via Richmond Rd / Arthur Kill Rd
    • S84 St. George - Bricktown Mall LTD via Richmond Rd / Arthur Kill Rd (S74 Limited)
    • X22A Staten Island - Manhattan Express via Outerbridge
  • +    Do I need any special prior puzzle solving


    Nah, you smart enough. Just be willing to search for hidden clues and to use your brain! If you are really struggling, you may reach out to the Game Master to offer you a clue and get you moving in the right direction.

  • +    If something comes up can I cancel or

          reschedule our visit?

    • We love our guests so we will try our best to accommodate you.

    • You may call us to reschedule up to 48 hours, but not after that.

    • We will not be able to offer any refunds at all within 72 hours.

  • +    How difficult are the games?

    • Our adventures are meant to be challenging and they vary in difficulty to accommodate a variety of skill levels.

    • Although not everyone escapes, everyone has fun!

    • Information on skill level, completion, and fun are located on the bottom of each  adventures description on our ROOMS page.

  • +    Can you accommodate large parties or

          corporate events?

    Absolutely, that is our specialty. We host a variety of large events from corporate team building activities, birthday parties, youth groups, schools, sports teams, bachelorette parties and more. (Sorry no strippers), Please contact us for rates and more information.

  • +    Is it possible to play with just my friends?

    If you wish to have a private event, you must book and pay for each spot in the time slot.

  • +    Do you offer discounts for kids?

    • Regrettably we are not able to offer discounts for kids. No worries they will have just as much fun as adults.

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