Private Escape Rooms

Private Event and Birthday Party Escape Room Services in Staten Island, NY

Unreal Escapes is the perfect venue for your next private party, event, or corporate team building session. Looking for something unique that will entertain both you and the family? Our custom, one of a kind escape room adventures are an excellent way to spend some quality time with friends, family, or co-workers. You can go bowling any day, come and find out what has the five boroughs of NYC and NJ talking!


Here are just some of the groups and events that trust their entertainment experiences to Unreal




• Friends

• Businesses (Corporate Team Building)

• Businesses (Offsite Meetings or Private   Parties)

• School Trips

• Birthdays

• Charity Events

• Bachelor/ Bachelorette  Parties

• Bar / Bat Mitzvah

• Graduations

• Wedding Proposals - Hide the ring in one of our


• Bridal Showers

• Divorce Parties (We hope not to get many of


• Frat and Sorority Parties

• Christmas/ Chanukah Parties

• Tourists

• Farewell Parties

• Cast Parties

• Just a day off of school party

• Theme Party (Come in costume)

• Any other reason you can think of to have a

   great time, and make some memories.




Charity Events!

Our community has been good to us (Time to give back!)


Unreal Escapes would like to show our appreciation to the borough that has been so good to us. We are proud to show our support for many of the local and national causes that bring awareness to important issues. We constantly look for new ways to get involved in our communities and

support these charitable causes. If you are part of an established 501c3 charity or foundation and can display the proof, our management will work with your charity to host a several hour event at Unreal Escapes. We commonly host charity days or weeks where a portion of the proceeds are donated to charities and organizations with whom we partner with.



How does it work?


Simple, we assist you in hosting your event at our location. Unreal Escapes will donate a portion of the proceeds back to your charity. It’s that simple.




Walk Me Through This


1) Our management team meets with your charity's staff to plan your event at our facility.


2) You decide the choice of food and beverages that will best suit your event, and we will cater in the food from one of our partners.


3) The party portion of the event will be hosted in our beautiful corporate suite equipped with a full kitchenette.


4) Your guests will have exclusive full access to our facilities during your visit with us. (Based on the size of the event)


5) We will pick a date during the week that suits the charity best.


6) Your event can take place all in one day, or may be stretched out over a 1 weeks’ time frame. I.E. Making Strides Against breast cancer week.


7) We will set a price for your event based on the food and add-ons that will make your event pop.


8) Your organization will then begin promoting the event to all your staff, supporters, and friends through all means necessary including email blasts, and press releases. Note: If assistance is needed with a mass email blast, our trained staff would be happy to assist.



9) We will also help your event by co-marketing it to our customer base in attempts to bring awareness to the event, and to your cause.


10) Your guests will go to a special portion of our website to book their attendance and provide



11) When your guests arrive at your event they will receive the VIP treatment. They will be greeted in costume by one of our theme actors that will be their host for the event.  They will attend to all your guests needs and assure that they have an Unreal time with us.


12) Your guests will have the opportunity to experience one, or all of our 1 hour long escape adventures.


13) In between their adventures they will have time to talk and network, as well as enjoy the catered food and beverages.


14) Once the event is completed your guests will leave happy with a commemorative T-shirt co- branded with Unreal Escapes and your charities name and event.


15) Once a full accounting has been done, Unreal Escapes will present your foundation with a check for a portion of the funds from the fund raiser.



Our Pledge


We promise to do our part to help make your outing an exciting, memorable, and prosperous event. Your associates and donors will be talking about your event for a long time. Don’t be surprised when your donor's call you asking when you will be doing your next event at Unreal

Escapes. We look forward to making your event special.


Open Hours

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