Escape Room Adventures

Come experience our first 2 - GROUND BREAKING, ONE OF A KIND – escape room adventures. Our first 2 experiences will leave you begging for more! Don’t worry, we already have our next 3 games in the works. Stay tuned! Click here to be the first to know when new adventures arrive.

At Unreal Escapes we don’t conform to standards, WE CREATE THEM!




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Legendary Disco 54 is about to be closed down for good by the Feds.  Disco 54 is the discotheque to end all discotheques. Unfortunately the owners have been naughty boys, so this is your last party in the legendary club.


You have exactly 60 minutes to engrave your image on the club and still escape before the feds bust in and break up the party.

As Donna Summer says this is your "Last Dance" so make it a good one. This game is GUARANTEED to bring you back to the days when Disco was king, and partying was at its peak.


Dress to impress in you coolest 70's/80's clothes and receive 2 extra clues.  If your whole crew looks the part, you will also receive an extra 5 minutes on the clock.


Difficulty level: 6 of 10

Fun Level: "Off The Charts"




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World War III has broken out.

The entire United States Naval fleet has been destroyed by a surprise, all sides’ naval attack. Fortunately for the U.S., there is one old, beat up, decommissioned Battleship that is left in the fleet. It is the Battleship USS Staten Island which was the last of the true Battleships to have ever been manufactured.  You and your fellow officers have been chosen for your one of a kind military background and battle skills. The mission for you and your team is to destroy the enemy and save our country from the invading forces. Your challenge is great because the enemy fleet will arrive in 60 minutes.

Fortunately, you have at your disposal one of the best, and most decorated battleships to ever sail the seven seas. Your mission is huge, so good luck and God speed.


Difficulty level: 7 of 10

Fun Level: "21 Gun Salute"





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Unreal Escapes is proud to announce that we are always improving and adding on.

Be sure to keep checking in with us, to check out the several new and exciting experiences that we will be adding on in the coming months. Shhh, it's a secret we can’t tell you what it is, but we promise it will be UNREAL...

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